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    • Cloth E-Cig Lanyard
    • Cloth E-cig Holster

      Cloth E-cig holster is a lanyard made to simply carry your E-Cig around your neck instead of your hand.

      $ 8.00
    • Cotton Bacon
    • Cotton Bacon

      The first cotton wick designed for Vapers by Vapers! These like all of the cotton we sell do not require any boiling or treatment. Simply wick and vape. The difference with Cotton Bacon is that they are already pre cut into strips giving you one less thing to do : )...

      $ 8.00
    • colored dark horse rings
    • Dark Horse Ring

      The Dark Horse Ring is a replacement ring for the Dark Horse RDA allowing you to change the color of your beauty ring.

      $ 6.00
    • Joytech Delta 2 Tank
    • Delta 2

      The Delta 2 is a new tank from Joytank offering a Sub Ohm coil option, as well as the ability to use it as an RBA. It recommended wattage is 25 to 50watts, and it does have Liquid Valve Control.

      Sold Out
    • DIY 30ml Nicotine
    • DIY 30ml Nicotine

      Our Nicotine is 5% concentrated (50mg) in a VG base.

      $ 8.00
    • DIY Based Nicotine
    • DIY VG Based Nicotine

      Our Nicotine is 5% (50mg) concentrated in VG.

      $ 25.00
    • Dodge X RDA
    • Doge X RDA

      This Doge is the third version of this cloud chasing rda. Its like the Mutation X and the Doge had a baby. And the Doge X is born. It has Mutation X style airflow with the doge 3 post build base. The airflow is adjustable and they made it where...

      $ 35.00
    • Lanyard for the Ego style batteries.
    • Ego Lanyard

      Never misplace your ecig! The ring on the lanyard slips around your ego style battery between the battery and the tank allowing you to wear ecig and keep it within arms reach! Free up your hands and get a lanyard!

      $ 2.00
    • eGrip RBA Base
    • eGrip RBA Base

      This is the much anticipated RBA base for the eGrips that allow you to rebuild the coils yourself!

      $ 20.00
    • Glass Chuff Tops
    • Glass Chuff Top

      A stylish version of the popular Chuff Top!

      $ 12.00
    • Heatsink

      The Heatsink fits on your existing top cap and diffuses heat from the atomizer through its fins.

      Sold Out